Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Email of Support from Diane

((((((((((((((Peter matey hon))))))))))))))))))))))))

I dont know wot to say! Im absolutely disgusted that u didnt get your counselling even tho u had sat waiting for an hour and would obviously have had alot of things running through your mind. I find it most distressing that this happened to u at a time when u really need it. I cant begin to express how totally incompassionate that was. Im so so sorry honey and im so appaulled at how u were treated. I feel very angry that this could have happened like this. It makes me feel sick to my stomach hon, God knows how u must be feeling!


Please dont forget im here for u hon and im thinking of u.
I really dont know what this world is coming to! I cant believe this could be allowed to happen, its disgusting. Im so appaulled at how youve been treated, especially at a time like this! I feel very angry that u were treated so poorly.

Im glad Bill got to have his session but wot about u??? You are your mums son, u came from her and have known and loved her since your first breath of life. In my opinion, u should have been given priority here, not just chucked on the back burner. A person can have many partners but u only get 1 mum.
Maybe i have a funny way of looking at things, i dont know, but thats how i feel about this situation. I cant tell u how sorry i am hon. Im hurt that this happened to such a sweet and dear friend of mine. Its terrible that
vulnerable people are treated this way. Its so wrong.

Please hon, email me if u need me ok, i will always reply.