Monday, 26 July 2010

My Responses On The New Policies and Promises of the Labour Party on Their Website

I just read the entire Labour Party website, and if this is all true what they say, it seems that they do now admit that a fair lot of the old ideas and policies they had, under the Tony Blair and Gordon Brown Labour governments, had become quite stunted, non-progressive in many ways, and quite incomplete.

The Labour Party, in many respects and on these matters, have genuinely and sincerely re-thought and worked through all this, integrated some continuation of some of their good old ideas and policies under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown - and what's more - they have come up with some much better, politically and socially constructive ideas and policy plans or promises; including more genuine moral, ethical, and creating more progressive policies ideas and plans.

Again, I very much agree with The Labour Party, on their new revaluation and new policies on their main website, and I am also very concerned, opposed to, and worried along with them all, about the public services and benefits cuts, as proposed and threatened by the Conservatives. Also, if the Conservatives are threatening to bring back fox hunting, then that is absolutely evil, cruel, abhorrent, and repulsive, and is another reason why I more than likely will vote Labour next time round.

Along with what the The Labour Party now say about this on their website, I also don’t like the hierarchical leadership of the Liberal-Democrats turning to the right-wing, and the fact that they rather spinelessly and irresponsibly, have no opposition to the public spending and benefits cuts which the Conservatives propose and threaten to carry out.

In many ways, with their so-called big society ideas and plans, the Conservatives, have stolen, elaborated, and enlarged on the state-decentralised partial communitarian ideas of The Labour Party under Tony Blair and in some ways Gordon Brown, as an integral part of public services as Labour at least intended this.

The trouble is with the Conservatives though on this policy idea, issue, and matter, is whilst they are also concerned with civil rights and legitimate and ethical protection against the Police state - in terms of actual public services and fair benefits for those who need it, they make no distinction between the Police and Military state, and the public and/or political state via services and fair benefits for those who need them - as the Police and Military state, and the public state, are both separate aspects, and are also connected or related strata’s of the state, as the public state is also a separate aspect and strata of government, and of actual society.

Again, now Labour have promised to protect individuals and people from pernicious and unethical state-power and coercion, and the aspect of the Conservatives communitarian ideas and policies that will cut public-state and government public services and benefits, will create chaos and more crime and is totally unacceptable.

I also very pleased, that The Labour Party, have now said on their website, and admitted that there is a serious lack of participatory democracy, which they promise or plan to change, and that they also promise or plan to protect individuals and the public from the state, and which is the first time they have every mentioned the vital and crucial issue and matter of this.

However, I was very disappointed that equal civil and human rights, dispelling and challenging discrimination are only planned and promised by The Labour Party, for gay, bisexual, and trans-gender people, but not also for free and consensual BDSM civil and human rights and non-discrimination in society, and for natural biological heterosexual masochists such as myself.

Anyway, on their re-evaluated and new ideas and policy plans or promises, and the fact that the Labour Party are also now not alienating people such as Diane Abbot, means I will vote Labour again next time round. My own choice for a new Labour Party leader goes to David Milliband, because so far I have been quite impressed with much that he has said in Prime Ministers Question time, but I am also very pleased that Diane Abbot is not being excluded from the Labour Party leader election process and contest.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

The Issue of the Conservatives Coalition Government Thinking about Possibly Cutting Benefits

I read and received today, a circular email from my local female Conservative MP, who said that she was holding a meeting soon about joblessness and deprivation in this local area, although she said that there were however plenty of jobs in the public sector in this local area (which I just don’t know how true or not that statement is), and she also mentioned that high numbers of people were claiming incapacity benefit in this local area too.

She didn’t say that she or her government were thinking of, or going to, cut these and other benefits, or that she agreed with doing this, but I’m concerned if this was what she was partly intending in and by her email, because whilst it is true as she pointed out that this country is in debt, there are still rich and poor or so-called class inequalities in this country, with one solution being a redistribution of wealth one way or another, possibly through the tax system.

The local female politician suggested in her circular email, that the benefits system, or aspects of it were actually causing, adding to, or making deprivation worse, when if this is the case, we also need other solutions, but cutting benefits with force and state-coercion is not the solution.

People need long-term benefits, if their problems are due to long-term psychological damage, mental health problems which are both biological, genetic, and environmental, and if their incapacity and disabilities are physical and incurable.

I agree with her that there is a problem, if people’s incapacity and disabilities are just caused by deprivation, and if they have been forced and wrongly state-coerced into the benefits system, without choices and options of well or decent paid jobs and/or further education for skills, and without any social support.

However, things and these matters are not that simple, as people’s incapacity and disabilities, can be a combination of many different conditions and factors, and I hope that she realises and takes these things into account, before, during, and after her meeting, which I will be interested to hear from her what conclusions she has come to about all this for her self and with others, including her own personal perspective.

Whilst I have sometimes and only voted Labour, - and if I do vote again, it will more than likely be for the Labour Party again, if they progress, and if they also put a stop to their own policies and psychological behaviours of force and misused state-coercion - I take some interest in this local female Conservative MP, because she does seem genuinely concerned about joblessness and deprivation, and she also has some very good principles against force and misused state-coercion, but she also needs to realise the different mechanisms and misuses of force and misused state-coercion, be consistent and coherent in her principles and policy intentions on this, see the full-picture, and be somewhat self-critical about her own political party if they are also intending to do this.