Thursday, 8 April 2010

Suicide Prevention on a World-wide Scale

Firstly, I have never said I am a prophet or a saviour, and I don’t believe this to be in any way the case nor true. In any case, the role of a so-called prophet - or a teacher in my case - is not to be a saviour, but to work together with people. If so-called prophets, or teachers had power, then they wouldn’t be the same people, with the same very unique and potential positive and life-enhancing mind-sets, and which is why we all have to work together democratically or whatever.

So-called prophets, or teachers like myself, can politically, historically, sociologically, and psychologically and scientifically, see that this world is eventually leading to self-destruction, and which is due to arrogance, irrational non-co-operation, and compulsiveness, and which is why we need so-called prophets, or teachers, in order to prevent suicide on a world-wide scale.

Again though, this requires people to realise these very vital and crucial facts in this article, and to try to take measures, to work with people who know much more and much better, in order to heal and reform themselves and their compulsive, very non-co-operative, and self-destructive mental health problems.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Uniqueness, Democracy, and Social Integration

It is very necessary and important, to try to understand the nature of modern democratic society, and the way that it treats people who are very unique, as the whole matter of individual and human uniqueness and social integration, is a very important one. Of course, everyone is potentially unique, but some people are very unique, and in a way that differs from very mediocre, very ignorant, and very so-called mainstream society.

There’s a very strange and slightly complex way, that democratic societies treat their citizens, who are very unique, as democracies do not try and socially integrate very unique individuals and people. Democratic societies, both paradoxically persecute, discriminate, mistreat, and superiorise people who are very unique, marginalising and socially isolating them, and then expecting them to adapt or adjust, within that marginalisation and social isolation. This is a total contradiction about so-called democratic societies, and one that in itself can create social and psychological problems, which democratic societies refuse or assume that they are unable to solve.

The somewhat paranoid, and very irrational fear, of socially integrating very unique people, in democratic societies, to a great extent, stems from democratic societies and governments fear of losing the very controlling, very repressive, and very dull ignorance and mediocrity, which is seen by democratic societies as psychologically healthy and as normality.

Whilst I am in no way, in favour of totalitarian societies or political dictatorships, I also have some criticisms of so-called democratic societies, not least, because democracy is never something that pre-exists, within any society or government, because democracy is actually something which has to be continuously created and progressed, through participation and political, institutional, and social change.

The other main objection, I have to so-called democracies, is that democratic societies and systems, sometimes justify very totalitarian behaviours and activities, such as illegal and totalitarian threats of incarceration, against people like psychiatric-diagnosed people, who are not mentally unwell and have committed no crime - on the grounds that they are "democracies", and so they feel justified that they should be allowed to do this to individuals and people, because they are "democracies" anyway, and so in their eyes and thinking, they should be allowed to get away with totalitarian policies, behaviours, and activities - against the very unique, less powerful, and less wealthy individuals and people in society.

Friday, 2 April 2010

The Desperate, Very Important, and Much Needed, Freely Available Counselling Services for Ex-military Service People and War Veterans

There are now new mental health services and a helpline, for all ex-military men and women and war veterans who need it. They all make great sacrifices, do a great job for us all, and have no real say on how or what the politicians tell them to do, and so it's about time that the politicians got their finger out, and actually did something very relevant, positive, and constructive for them all, and for the ones who need this helpline and mental health services.

About eight years ago, in a local pub, I spoke to an old ex-military soldier, who had fought in the Burmese war, and for want of a better phrase, I gave him a long free therapy counselling session, because he said he was very concerned that he had never spoken to anyone about his war experiences.

This ex-soldier and war veteran wanted to tell me, that during that war, he had to kill people, which had always bothered his conscience and made him feel guilty, but I assured him, that despite the reality that he had done this, this was not really his fault, and that I knew from what he had just told me, that he would never intentionally want to harm or kill anyone.

He also told me about some other things about his war-experiences, and then he very rightfully complained that lots of people get counselling these days, but that people like him get nothing in that respect. After telling him I was an expert on mental health, he then asked me if I thought he had a psychological problem, to which I said no - that he only had a problem if he was personally unable to talk about these experiences and things - and I told him that the problem, was one of lack of counselling services for folk like him.

In light of all this, freely available counselling for ex-military service people and veterans, is something that we all need to campaign for and get from the government for mental health services, for ex-military people and war veterans who need it.