Wednesday, 19 January 2011

My Final Conclusions about the British Labour Party

The way I'm feeling about the Labour Party at the moment, is that I would rather boil my testicles in vinegar and stick my head into a bucket full of vipers, than vote for them or anyone else is who are no better, because they will never make a single comment, policy prevention, nor any kind of open moral opposition about those enslaved, sexually abused, tortured, and sometimes murdered immigrant domestic women and children in our society and country, and they also never make a single comment about the homeless people in our society. The Labour party say they are a socialist party, but I just don't believe them, as they don't do anything for the worse people off in our society and country, and they have absolutely no knowledge, acceptance, and awareness that socialism is first and foremost about priorities.

As for their leader Ed Miliband, his brother David Miliband should have won that leadership election for the Labour party, as at least he does have a somewhat genuine International perspective, and he genuinely cares and has always been a great speaker on the oppression of the Palestinian people in Israel. Just because his brother Ed is a liberal and is more charismatic with a kinder-looking face, his brother got a lot more popular support in the Labour party leadership election, and I also have absolutely no respect for Diane Abbott either, as she is another stinking hypocrite who calls herself a Lefty socialist, but who sends her children to very elite private schools.

Again, there are people who are far worse off than the unemployed in our society, and the Labour party just will not prioritise nor make a single comment, moral opposition, or policy in order to help any of them, and I don't believe all their sob stories about the unemployed, because when they say these things they are actually talking about their own job security as government politicians.

Peter H. Donnelly

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