Monday, 17 January 2011

My Views on the 2010 British Labour Party Conference Speeches

My Views on the 2010 British Labour Party Conference Speeches, None of Which Make a Word of a Mention about Racism and the Slavery, Torture, Sexual abuse, and even Murder of Innocent Immigrant Domestic Women and Children in this Society and Country

The reason that the Labour Party may win the next election, or the one after that, isn't because they are so good, it is that the Conservative Party and Liberal-democrats of the present government coalition are so bad.

On the issue of the Labour Parties absolute and total unwillingness to make any kind of single comment, policy prevention, or any kind of moral objection and opposition to the slavery, torture, sexual abuse, and even sometimes the murder of innocent immigrant domestic women and child workers in this society and country, it is just not true that blatant denial, default and omission towards evil and immoral deceit will lose them votes from racists and other people.

I admit and accept this all of this slavery and abuse in this country, is somewhat problematic and hard to solve in some ways, but there are many, many workable policies and things that Labour and other politicians could do to both lessen and prevent it, but they just will not make a single comment, policy prevention, nor any kind of moral objection and opposition on the issue. If they ever did make any kind of comment and policy prevention on this issue, then I may change my mind and consider voting for them, but that would be a miracle if they ever did that, and I don't believe in miracles.

One policy that the Labour politicians and/or others could speak up for and create, is to strengthen and make the Law enforceable, on preventing both other immigrant and white British bosses, from with-holding the passports and wages of their employees in order to trap and further enslave and abuse their employees, or rather their actual and literal human slaves. Another policy all or any of our politicians could create, is to provide and create more special work and protection-rights lawyers and solicitors for these immigrant domestic women and children, and create actual special free-phone telephone help-lines for them. Some people may say these last two things already exist, but there isn't enough of them, and we should all create much more of these human and technological support systems for these women and children to protect and help them. Another policy all or any of our politicians could create, is to change the immigration system, in a very positive and enhancing way, so the jobs and work rights and wages of these immigrant domestic women and children and protection in the first place, as any kind of prevention is much better than cure.

When Labour politicians talk about the evils of unemployment, they are actually talking about their own jobs as government politicians and not really anyone else's. Of course the Labour party have some good policies, and we should indeed help the unemployed and others and oppose the present Conservative and Liberal-democrat government's benefits and services cuts, but the unemployed and others they defend are not enslaved, beaten, tortured, sexually abused and murdered, and the Labour party and all the other politicians have just got absolutely morality nor any kind of policies, no moral objections and oppositions, and what's more they have absolutely no kind of priorities on any of this.

Peter H. Donnelly

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